November 4, 2009

Powell Only Worried About Getting to Norman

With Oklahoma's dogged pursuit of a few of the top-ranked wide receiver targets in the country some have wondered whether Oklahoma's current group of commitments might start to doubt their place with the Sooners. However few receivers in recent memory have more confidence in their own abilities than Dallas Skyline wide receiver Joe Powell.

The 5-foot-11, 174-pound prospect was Oklahoma's first commitment at the position and this weekend took his official visit to Norman. However, this wasn't the case of a visit taken to make assurances, Powell says there has never been any doubt about his decision.

"Oh man (the visit) was the best experience of my life. I'm really happy that God has made this happen for me, this was real good," Powell said. "I am not going any other places. I don't care who comes to my door, they are going to get turned around. That's where I'm going.

So no worries about any other talented standouts being brought in by the Sooners?

"I like my boy Ryan Broyles, I want to do like him in a few years. I'm going to do that for my family and for the people that helped me get there and worked hard with me in practice," he explained.

"That's what position they want me to play. Coach Jay Norvel, he had a good long talk with me and he was saying I'm that guy and to tell everybody I'm going to be that guy. I feel like I'm one of the best receivers in our class and I want to go out and prove all that three-star stuff wrong.

"When I get there I'm just going to make stuff happen.

"Coach Norvell told me 'Joe do what you know how to do and compete and I guarantee you've got a good shot at playing'."

That confidence keeps him from worrying about recruiting also keeps him starring on the football field for arguably the top team in Texas.

Early on in the season Skyline faced one test after another, they've now hit a district slate that has offered little challenge but Powell thinks the positive of allowing a lot of their younger players to get more minutes won't cost Skyline their sharpest edge but instead allow them to get healthy.

"I think it's good for us to have gone a little easier at the end of the year. We've got a couple of guys that are banged up, real key guys," he said. "Guys like Rodney Williams, Darren Seamster, Demarcus Burks, and Douglas Maddox, they are real key guys. We need them in the playoffs, we are a team and need all our parts to finish this thing. It's a real good thing for us."

He already knows what things look like in the playoffs and has one probable second-round match-up already circled.

"Desoto, they got it coming to them. These dudes aren't on our level, my team is some dogs. That's what we are going to do when we eat, we're going to eat, our class is going to handle business," he explained.

The talk of playing Desoto caught the interest of one of his Sooner hosts.

"I was hosted by Josh Aladenoye and Brian Jackson," Powell said. "I told B-Jack that we were going to play Desoto, he told me be remembered last year when I scored on like an 80-yard touchdown against them. He said 'I hear you're good, I've seen your highlights'. I guess they showed the guys some highlights of the visitors before we got there."

While on the visit Powell got some advice from his future teammates about just what he needs to mentally prepare himself for when he arrives.

"They just brought me in and told me how it was going to be there. Just how to deal with Schmitty, come in and work hard," he said. "My coaches at Skyline if I can make it through the way they get at me, I can make it through things. The work ethic is going to have to step up but I've got thick skin."

While he spent some time buddying up fellow long-time commitment, and future battery-mate, Blake Bell he was most excited about the news that he'll be keeping his number when he gets to Norman.

"No 2 is going to be my number, they had some other numbers up in the locker but coach Jay Norvell, I told him I wanted to be No. 2. I mean B-Jack is leaving. So when we got to the locker room he told me to go get No. 2."

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